WSIS Forum 2018 Day 1 (19th of March) Workshop accepted – Title: How to apply and achieve the 17 SDGs in a world where technological evolution is exponential, and where near all economic and sociological models are disrupted ? Sub-Title: The key prerequisites, the tools and methodologies, structures and cultures

Organisers: Raymond Morel, Philip Koenig, Mohamed Balghouthi from IFIP, G4, Social IN3

Session Duration: 105 minutes

Date : on 19th of March at 14h30

Format: Platform for speakers and panel, delegates seated in rows.
3 Exposés + interactive plenary discussions

Overview: The 4th Industrial Revolution with digital technologies provide incredible opportunities for economic prosperity, equity & educationnal growth, but also break the status quo.

The way to produce and to exchange goods & services in the immaterial world, the supply chain, the value chain and all associated ecosystem, Education and knowledge diffusion are changing, forever.
We have to face it : to make the Change become an opportunity, not a critical threat to our infrastructure and life.

Among the prerequesites to succeed on digital transformations and for mitigating the schocks of disruptions, while implementing the 17 SDGs, our current priorities are focused on :

  • Education 21
  • HDRR (Human Digital Rights & Responsibilities)
  • Promoting systemic approacheS in term of methodologieS
  • Experimenting Living Labs (Cities, Regions, CountrieS / ContinentS, EntrepriseS, OrganisationS,…)
  • To be conscious of some wrong existing hypothesis to adjust and / or to change
  • To propose as output of this workshop concrete wayS to put in action the SDGs

Exponentials times requires Exponential thinking to resolve complex issues. The Living Labs are the places where complex issues can be resolved, quickly.

With the speed of change the risks growths dramatically, and it becomes mandatory for everyone, stakeholders, organisations, corporations and educational institutions, governement, business actors (union and employees) to do everything they can to reduce and contain risks with more trust & transparency.
We will examine how technologieS can reduce and take in account some ethical issues and help to the realisation of the 17 SDGs, with full traceablitiy.

The speakers and the audience will consider how to guaranted Human Digital Rights & Responsiblities, and how to develop strategies of sharing & updating knowledge & know-how for everyone in an exponential world.

Waiting results/outputs

We hope that delegates will have some take-aways to implement after the session. After the session, the key messages and challenges will be summarized by the session chair. This report will be the official submission of the workshop for recommendations at the WSIS level for CSTD.

Next Steps

Social IN3 & G4 will work on the agreed Action Items, and engage with potential partners and stakeholders.


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We hope with this way to help the participants (both on site and remote) and to contribute to the clear demand expressed at the last consultation meeting (need of translation, not everything in English which is only one of the 6 official UN languages)


In Arabic the link isمنتدى القمة العالمية لمجتمع المعلومات 2018 يوم 1.pdf

In Chinese the link is

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Raymond Morel is a member of the Board of Directors at SI and is President of Social-IN3, a cooperative of a researchers’ convinced of the need to address new challenges of today's Information Age, which is slowly and surely modify the entire society.

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