Partnering for Success: Creativity And Professionalism In Delivering Trustworthy ICT – IFIP IP3

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Speakers / panellists

Stephen Ibaraki FCIPS, I.S.P., MVP, DF/NPA, CNP
The evolving dependence on ICTs in the Second Machine Age

Brenda Aynsley OAM, ACS Fellow, CP Chair IFIP IP3 
Managing the risks of ICT the global profession. The undesired consequences of leaving ICT to just anybody; the role of governments in building the knowledge economy.

Moira de Roche IITPSA Fellow and Board Director
IFIP IP3 developing global partnerships to deliver the gold standard of professionalism


WSIS Forum 2015 IP3 IT-Professionalism Partnering for Success: Creativity and Professionalism in Delivering Trustworthy ICT IP3 IFIP

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