Future generations – A special issue examines whether researchers today consider the world of tomorrow — and why they should. – 24 February 2016 – Nature – News Feature

Future Generations

The effects on distant tomorrows of the decisions we make today has never been greater. As we change our planet, ourselves and potentially our decedents, in ever more dramatic ways, this special issue of Nature takes stock: do we have the tools to account for the far future and are we using and developing them?

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  • Generation game

    A Nature special issue takes on the world of tomorrow — and the decisions shaping it today.

    Nature (24 February 2016)

  • Development: Slow down population growth

    Within a decade, women everywhere should have access to quality contraceptive services, argues John Bongaarts.

    Nature (24 February 2016)

  • Economics: Current climate models are grossly misleading

    Nicholas Stern calls on scientists, engineers and economists to help policymakers by better modelling the immense risks to future generations, and the potential for action.

    Nature (24 February 2016)

  • Sustainability: Game human nature

    Finding ways to adapt natural tendencies and nudge collective action is central to the well-being of future generations, say Helga Fehr-Duda and Ernst Fehr.

    Nature (24 February 2016)

  • Can today’s decisions really be future-proofed?

    The impact of long-term policies on future generations will differ over time, and policymaking should take this into account, argues Céline Kermisch.

    Nature (22 February 2016)

Science Fiction

  • Futures

    Nature‘s science-fiction column presents an eclectic view of what may come to pass. Is there life beyond the stars? Will artificial intelligence take over the world? These questions and more are addressed every week

    Nature (24 February 2042)

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