FORUM ICT-21 – Gerzensee – 2007 sur la Société de l’information en Suisse : défis, enjeux et opportunités

Herausforderungen und Opportunitäten für eine Informationsgesellschaft in der Schweiz FORUM INFORMATIONSGESELLSCHAFT SCHWEIZ (ICT-21)


ict-21-6Notice the themes at that time in phase with the strategy of 2006 (only the sustainability is lacking nowadays !)

The booklet in 4 languages

Some cartoons

Cartoons on subjects raised during the Forum ICT-21

Les “notes” de Pecub, dessinateur-philosophe.

Existing cartoons on different subjects :

All these cartoons are free to be published if you mention the url of the web page they come from.

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Kernelemente einer nachhaltigen Lösung Contribution de Jean-Marie Leclerc Participants ICT and Privacy in Europe Contribution d’Andreas Ladner

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en Français Extract of the Federal Strategy Document (18.01.2006) Contribution de Robert Hilty ICT and Privacy in Europe in English

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