Feedbacks from WSIS Forum 2015 : How will act IFIP in the future to keep a role in the INFORMATION SOCIETY ?

1495 days ago

After WSIS Forum 2015, we can observe that something is moving : the tendancy of working « in silos∗ » is beginning to be shifted to transversal activities to take in account the real needs of the Information Society


With the presentation of the matrix WSIS Action Lines – SDGs Matrix, the vision of how to work for the future is quite clear : you have to get out of « silos »



My question to the IFIP community is simple : How IFIP TCs and WGs activities will cover the above surface in the future to keep IFIP as a key player ?

I hope that we can manage during the next GA in Daejeon a slot to exchange and decide the way to act.


                                                                    « Efficiency is an underproduct of lucidity »

                                                                       Albert Jacquard 


·      WSIS SDG (sustainable development goals) matrix document

·      Sustainable development goals: all you need to know (from the Guardian)

·      World Summit on the Information Society : WSIS + 10 High Level Event (9thto 13th of June 2014 at Geneva)

·      ICT Indicators for Monitoring the SGDs – Overview – Susan Teltscher (ITU)

·      ICT in education indicators for monitoring the SDGs : UIS’s mandate within the Partnership on Mesuring ICT for Development by Peter Wallet (Unesco)

·      WSIS Outcome documents – Geneva 2003 and Tunis 2005

·      WSIS Forum 2015 Agenda

·      WSIS Forum 2015 Policy statements Booklet (output)  cf pages 201 and 202

·      WSIS Forum 2015 Outcome Document (Forum tracks)

·      Partnering for Success: Creativity And Professionalism In Delivering Trustworthy ICT – IFIP IP3

·      from Stephen Ibaraki FCIPS, I.S.P., MVP, DF/NPA, CNP

The evolving dependence on ICTs in the Second Machine Age

·      Information Security Education & Solidarity (ISES) Initiative: Facts, Figures, Models and Implementation during WSIS Forum 2015

Raymond Morel
Member of IFIP ILC (International Liaison Committee) 3.10.2015

Contribution proposed twice as a summary of WSIS Forum 2015 for the IFIP Newsletter in June and September 2015.

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