Editing Momunents in 3D

Now it is possible to edit monuments the same way as you would print documents.
Of course this requires some preparation work:
– prepare BIM (building information modeling) of said monument;
– possibly reduce shape to most significant architectonic aspects;
– define final size of artefact and wrap-up details (fences, joints, lines).
Of course discussing target public with objects diffusors and distributors is very important : what
message do you want to deliver with monument printing ? XprsPlan & IN3Dnapoli teamed up from
as recently as yesterday to disseminate this new way of communication with the major art that is
architecture. We will soon communicate about the new monuments in our production pipeline and
look forward to be talking about YOUR monuments to print!



Casa Vanvitelliana, Bacoli Fusaro (Napoli) is featured in our exclusive recent example.
facebook.com/XprsPLan facebook.com/IN3Dnapoli

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