Draft Agenda WSIS Forum 2017 (12th to 16th of June) – version du 28.3.2017 – From Sustainable Development Goals SDGs, to unleashing 21st century Global Goals potentials​ – a mindset shift, a human centric approach, – in favor of the common greater good







From Sustainable Development Goals SDGs,

to unleashing 21st century Global Goals potentials​

–       a mindset shift, a human centric approach,

–        in favor of the common greater good


HOW ? Let’s mutualize efforts, federate resources, work as One from aligned meta to micro perspectives in order to reach together Nationally Determined Contributions NDCs, before 2030. The keys: integration of
21st century updated data, information, scientific knowledge, digital societies, diversity, innovation, common sense, transparency and coherence, humanizing wisdom and the global goal no 17: renew our perspectives and partnerships between public – private sectors, investors’ and civil society, the societal actors.
In summary : active collaboration between all the usual stakeholders
with a special care to respect and to cultivate the diversities


To reach the NDCs signed by all governments in Paris at COP-21, we propose realistic, tested and validated, worldwide replicable scientific and technological solutions of the 21st century. This will enable the emergence of a Renaissance 2. Together we can accelerate and cocreate the conditions to favor this dynamic living systems approach, as expected by UN.

Our common purpose, in complete convergence and synergy with WSIS Forum and others stakeholders, is to become a civilization that is regenerative for people, planet, profits, peace, partnerships, and prosperity, for each and all. What is at stake ? The survival of our species  The planet can survive us. Can we ?  We will thrive together, as we redesign, for example, the purpose and curriculum of schools for all ages, the purpose and fit of all societal actors, stakeholders, and beneficiaries.

It is critical and strategic to put in place Living Labs in key UN, public and private organisations in 7000 city regions by 2019, to redesign a context based adequate transitional and transformational plan, around local business with support of UN global Compact chapters, 17 global goals meta framework and specific roadmaps 2030. In a multistakeholder way. We have already concrete realistic sharable examples/experimentations.

We become more human centric by leveraging the recently updated sciences: neurosciences, neurocognitivism and epigenetics, integral theory, as well as integrate the wisdom of the great traditions, to address mindfulness, opening up “heads and hearts”, better understanding the different values and worldviews of all generations – baby boomers, gens X, Y, Z and alpha. We believe in an inclusive integral, transgenerational, digital equity and rights approach. Transhumanism needs to be addressed within a balanced and equitative roundtable, lead by civil society, within global goal 17.

Our strategic partners have the know how and already unleash human, organisational, scientific, digital and societal potentials, across many countries, in public and private organisations. Via the World Bank of happiness we can account for human, social, relational and knowledge circulation, rapid and infinite, capital growth.

In this workshop we present you unique world wide recognized experts, each with at least 10 years of investments and pioneer work, to propose a universal “tool box” to get there, accompany you, your city regions, and countries. It is our pledge to ease the efforts, optimize investments and outcomes. This includes 21st century funding and financing schemes, a new integrated accounting and multi capitalistic triple  bottom line system – people, planet , profits – as supported by 21st c. notation agencies, auditing, and consulting, Reporting 3.0, GRI and IIRC. We propose corresponding effective, efficient 2030 roadmaps, integrated and integrative proven tools that are state of the art, recognized as worldwide best in class.

By using in addition the third of the time of this workshop to elaborate recommendations to decision-makers, we look forward to host you, listen to you and as you wish walk with you, your strategic and operational partners on the 2030 journey. Together, working and living as One, we can do it. It is the legacy we owe our children and the next generations: handover the humanity, the planet and the economy in a better condition than when we received it .

“Problems cannot be solved with the same mind set that created them.”

            Albert Einstein


on Monday 12th of June from 13h15 to 14h00



on Monday 12th of June from 14h30 to 16h15



on Thursday 15th of June 16h30 to 18h15




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Raymond Morel is a member of the Board of Directors at SI and is President of Social-IN3, a cooperative of a researchers’ convinced of the need to address new challenges of today's Information Age, which is slowly and surely modify the entire society.

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