Change Forces : the Sequel – Michael Fullan



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Change Forces: The Sequel
Michael FuJIan
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Inlplg -d upUlrmoc book. la ,.,.wbWcy will mm ÎI aa:cpIlbk fO” widt rulgc- of auW- ,-‘
(e-a~Mm J’ • .,. 1991)
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List of Figures
Pref a ce
Cbapter 1 Moral Purpose and Complexiry
Cbap ter 2 Complexity and the Change Process
Cbapter 3 The Deep Meaning o f Inside Collaboration
Cbapter 4 The Deep Meaning o f Outside Collaboration
Cbapter 5 The Compiextties o f Transferabiliry
Cbapter 6 Inrellecrual, Political and Spi rirual Fusion
Ref erences
Figure 2. 1 Complex change lessons
Lesson 1: Moral Purpose ls Complex and Problematic
Lesson 2: Theories of Change and Theories of Education Need Each
Lesson 3: Conflict and Diversity Are Our Friends
Lesson 4: Understand the Meaning of Operating on the Edge of Chaos
Lesson 5: Emotional Intelligence rs Anxiety Provoking and Anxiety
Lesson 6: Coüatorative Cultures Are Anxiety Provoking and Anxiety
Lesson 7: Attack Incoherence: Connectedness and Knowledge Creation
Are Criticel
Lesson 8: There ts No Single Solution: Craft YOUf Own Theories and
Actions by 8eing a Crtticel Consumer
Cba nge Forces: The Sequel
FlfJure 3.1 The nature of professlOfJiJ/ /eammg communltles. {Adapted trom
Newmann and Wehlage, 7995. and LouIs and Kruse. 7995.1
7be Deep Meantng of Inside Collaboration
Figure 3.2 Characteris rics of collaborarive cultures for complex rimes
• Fosters dlversltv while trust-building
• Provokes anxietv and ccoteine it
• Engages in knowledge creation ttecn ta expllCit. explicit to explicitl
• Combines conrectedoess with openendedness
• Fuses the spiritual, political and mtenecrcer
Figure 4. 1 Cnsrscteosuc s of insidfKJut collaboration for comp/ex renes
• Beciprocitv – the two-wav street
• Balancmq too much/too Ilule structura
• DeepenÎng the mtellectual (
• Deepening the pohtlCal (
• Deepening the spmtual
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