Already 10 years for IT-Professionalism with IFIP IP3 (report IP3 at the IFIP Board beginning of March 2016 in Tokyo)

At the General Assembly in Daejeon, South Korea, IP3 was formally adopted as a substructure under IFIP.
IP3 on behalf of WCC2015 invited and supplied a number of keynote speakers to WCC2015, including:

  • the Australian Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation from the state of New South Wales (Sydney), Victor Dominello MP, who delivered key-note on Day Two of WCC2015 on Big Data and Innovation;
  • John Morton who presented an excellent keynote on the Jobs Forum which was very well received;
  • Eve Andersson of Google, who spoke on Software Engineering skills for the 21st century; and
  • Andy Chen of Catronic Enterprise and the newly appointed VP for the IEEE-CS (whose portfolio including Professionalism), who spoke on the secret code to a successful career in ICT.

Also at WCC2015, IP3 released the 2020 Skills Assessment Report written by John Morton and the IP3 Global Industry Council. The report may be downloaded from the IP3 website Other new commentaries in relation to the report included:

The IP3 Global Industry Council chaired by Stephen Ibaraki has 29 directors (list available on

Driving the UN Agenda

UN General Assembly President (Mogens Lykketoft) in October last year in New York said the review of the implementation of the outcomes of the 2005 World Summit for the
Information Society (WSIS) is one of the most important processes taking place at the United Nations. In his opening address, he said: “Thanks to the rapid development of Information and Communications Technology and growth in global interconnectivity this past decade, ICT plays an increasingly important role in promoting economic and social progress in many parts of the world.” ICT professionalism was a strong theme of the talks, and the issue was highlighted by UN General Assembly President in his closing remarks: “Initiatives to strengthen confidence and security in the use of ICTs were recognized and appreciated. Some suggested that a commitment to professionalism and trustworthy conduct could be infused throughout the draft outcome document… Ladies and gentlemen, these are amongst the many points we heard today. These valuable contributions will be included in a President’s summary that I will circulate shortly… I will also bring your discussions to the attention of member states tomorrow.”

for the full report press the button “download” at the bottom of this page (content 9 pages)

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