8 Keys to Designing Tomorrow’s Schools, Today

Key #1: Leadership and school culture lay the foundation

Key #2: The learning experience must be redesigned and made personal

Key #3: Decisions must be grounded in evidence and driven by a Return on Instruction (ROI)

Key #4: Learning spaces must become learner-centered

Key #5: Professional learning must be relevant, engaging, ongoing, and made personal

Key #6: Technology must be leveraged and used as an accelerant for student learning

Key #7: Community collaboration and engagement must be woven into the fabric of a school’s culture

Key #8: Schools that transform learning are built to last as financial, political, and pedagogical sustainability ensures long-term success

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Raymond Morel is a member of the Board of Directors at SI and is President of Social-IN3, a cooperative of a researchers’ convinced of the need to address new challenges of today's Information Age, which is slowly and surely modify the entire society.

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